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Professional Dog Grooming Services in Guelph

At Pinetree Pet Resort in Guelph, we know that grooming is not just about aesthetics. We offer dog grooming in a calm atmosphere, individual attention and pampering to ensure a safe and positive experience.

Our Grooming Services

A grooming routine is great for socialization and training. If grooming is done properly, the pet would see this chore as a bonding time, so it would be happy to cooperate.

Our grooming process includes a visual examination where the Professional Groomer will determine what kind of shampoo and clip is suited for your pet. Grooming routines and frequency depend on the breed of the dog and the length of the coat. According to the breed, the whole process can take a couple of hours in which:

  • Coat is brushed.
  • Ears are checked and cleaned. 
  • Nails clipped.
  • Full bath, dry and finish styling of fur.

Health and Benefit of Professional Grooming

As well as providing salon treatments, our Certified Groomer also acts as advocates for your dog’s health. She is trained to look for and take note of any behavioural or physical issues that need to be addressed with a Veterinarian. Regular grooming will maintain your dog’s coat and skin healthy and will keep them feeling and looking their best!

To book your appointment, please contact us. We will confirm your time and date according availability.

Dog Pricing

The base price is related to the breed size and coat type. It is subject to change depending on behaviour and coat condition.

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