* COVID-19 Update * 

As the situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) evolves, our top priority continues to be the health and safety of our clients and our employees. That being said, to ensure we are doing our best to keep you safe, we will be closing our facility as of March 23rd, 2020. No Boarding, Day Care or Grooming services available for a minimum of two (2) weeks. For clients who have their pet at our facility, we will continue to care for them until you are able to pick them up. Furthermore, any clients who have appointments or reservations during our closure will be contacted. 

As of now, we will continue to allow free public use (after 4pm) and private rental of our Off-leash Dog Park. Please make note that we will not be allowing rentals for large groups or gatherings. Payment for rentals can be done over the phone with a credit card, by e-transfer to manager@pinetreepetresort.ca, or by cash to the lock box located beside the entrance to the park. 

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves and we will adjust accordingly. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. 

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Team at Pinetree Pet Resort

Pinetree Pet Resort: Guelph Dog Park and Rental Facility

Pinetree Pet Resort offers a year-round off-leash dog park and rental facility for your doggie play dates and special events. Enjoy a playtime with your favorite friend and meet with other dog lovers in a safe and controlled environment.

Public Use & Private Rental

For the public and our clients we off two areas: A large fully fenced area that is the Off-leash Dog Park (can be used for free or rented; see below) and a small indoor area with access to electrical outlets, heating, and a small outdoor area (available for rental only).

Please call ahead to (519)787-9934 or email us at info@pinetreepetresort.ca to rent, or if you have any questions. Please note rentals are not available on holidays.

Off-leash Dog Park

The Off-leash Dog Park is open for FREE public use from 4:00 pm until Dusk almost everyday of the year (unless privately rented)! No rental needed, just go right on in.

The Off-leash Dog Park can also be privately rented for a small event (ie. birthday party) or for playtime with your dog. Please note that non-event rentals (ie. playtime)  can only be between the hours of 9:00 am until 3:30 pm.  


  • Private playtime (two families [ie. dog(s) and owner] with a maximum of 5 dogs total): $5 per 30 minutes
    • Additional families: $5 extra
      • Example: 1 family with 2 dogs + 1 additional family with 3 dogs = $5/30 min
      • Example: 1 family with 3 dog + 2 additional families with 1 dog each = $5/30 min + $5
  • Group Playtime/Event (5 or more dogs; less than 4 hours): $35/hour
  • Small Event (more than 4 hours): $25/hour 

Indoor/Outdoor Area

The indoor/outdoor area is available for private events and playtime with your dog by rental only.


  • Private playtime (two families [ie. dog(s) and owner] with a maximum of 5 dogs total): $20/hour
    • Additional families: $5 extra
  • Group Playtime/Event (5 or more dogs; less than 4 hours): $45/hour
    • Small Event (more than 4 hours): $35/hour

    Professional Event Rental

    This rental information applies to those who are professionals in the pet industry (ie. dog trainers). Events can include: workshops, classes, seminars, etc. We off two different areas for rental:

    • A small indoor area with access to electrical outlets, heating, and a small outdoor area (via a large garage door)
    • A large fully fenced area that is the Off-leash Dog Park

    Rental Pricing:

    • Off-leash Dog Park:  $35/hour 
    • Indoor/Outdoor area
      • Private consultation (single client): $20/hour
      • Group consultation (more than one client): $35/hour 
    • Indoor/Outdoor area + Off-leash Dog Park: $60/hour

    Please call ahead to (519)787-9934 or email us at info@pinetreepetresort.ca to book the dog park, or if you have any questions. All prices are subject to additional taxes (HST). 

    Dog Park Rules and Regulations

    As a dog owner, you must take the initiative to be a responsible owner and follow the safety rules to ensure lots of fun. To ensure a clean and friendly environment, we ask dog owners to take the initiative to be responsible and follow them. The following rules and regulations are for the safety and enjoyment of all:

    • Dogs must be kept leashed at all times until completely within the designated off-leash area (By law #92-40)
    • Dogs must be under voice control and are not allowed to disturb or chase people or dogs, or to destroy, dig up, disturb flower beds, lawns, bushes or trees.
    • Poop n’ scoop is mandatory. All owners must clean up after their dog (By law #92-40)
    • Dog must be wearing up to date rabies and dog licenses tags.
    • Female dogs in heat and sick dogs are to be kept out of this area.
    • Aggressive dogs are to be kept out of this area. If a dog starts acting aggressively towards other people and dogs, it must immediately be leashed and removed from the site.
    • No dog can be in the park without an adult human attending to it all times.
    • No more than two dogs may be brought into the park by an individual at the same time.
    • Glass containers, rawhide chews, dog toys and food (animal or human) are not permitted within the park.
    • Children (18 and under) must be supervised by an adult attendant in the park.
    • Keep the dog park gates closed at all times.
    • Use the dog park at your own risk.
    • Dog owners are subject to Ontario’s dog owner liability act and the Municipalities animal control laws (By law #92-40).

    Please contact Pinetree Pet Resort  about using our off-leash park and rental facility for that special bonding experience with your furry friend!

    Pinetree Pet Resort
    5951 Highway #6
    Guelph, ON N1H 6J2


    Methods of Payment

    Service Area
    • Guelph
    • Fergus

    • Elora

    • Rockwood
    • Kitchener
    • Waterloo
    • Cambridge

    (for Pick-up or Drop-off)

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:



    10:00AM-11:00AM and


    **Please call ahead to check our holiday hours.
    Christmas Day and New Year’s Day closed.

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